Review: Consciousness


From new horror author Pete Castillo, comes a story that revolves around an age-old supernatural phenomenon. 

Marco Torres was a boy when his parents thought he was abnormal. The scare wasn’t long, but little did they know, it was only the beginning. 

Eventually, Marco becomes aware of his abnormality so he searches for answers. Around the same time, ghostly psychic visions of a crazed homeless man appear to him. When the defect and visions subside, Marco thinks he’s in the clear until he’s almost killed by the same crazed man. 

As Marco gets older, the affliction intensifies. He tries to become a writer and does a quick stint in the Navy. Eventually, he flips when his path crosses with a mystery couple who have the same abnormality as him. They gain his trust the hard way, then the new friends go on several adventures. Their biggest exploit is a murder investigation. Will Marco learn to harness his rare ability without getting himself killed?

Rating: 4 stars


Breach of Consciousness by Peter Castillo is just the perfect read for this kind of season. I can’t think of a better ways to start fall than by reading a creepy steady paced mystery. Breach of Consciousness is a combination of murder, paranormal activity, and an investigation. This ingredients bring forth a novella worth reading. The beginning introduces, the main character, Marco Torres. The details given are just enough to hook readers. Then, from there it builds into a mystery woven with the characters mysterious ability and the action coming ahead. Murder, power, and government agents all play a role in Marcus Torres’s life. He soon goes on a mission to find the truth and solve the death of a friend but in doing he might risk everything including his own life.  Peter Castillo’s writing well organized. It carries readers into moments when the writer himself wants them to land there. Readers will think it’s slow. However, each writer has the power to lead us when and exactly how he wants us to reach each scene. I think Breach of Consciousness is a great debut novel. The ending left thoughts of what will happen after this story and whether Peter Castillo will grant his readers another book. Another dark tale that showcases the same characters once again. Overall, I recommend to all.

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