Review: Death of a Nation


The story of the crime of the millennium, told as a tale of the sublime overlaid by the ridiculous. A political parody on the 2016 presidential election cycle, played as the fiasco that it really is. Three politicians vying for president until one of them is eliminated by an assassination of the most diabolical kind that history has ever recorded, and then there were two. In the end there were none, with one of the remaining candidates dead and the other one in prison, and the presidential election must be called off until the Supreme Court can figure out what to do. So what does the president (i.e., President Kerry O’Kenya, America’s first Black Irish President) decide to do? Read it and chuckle, if you dare, and hope and pray that this hilarious take on American politics doesn’t turn out to be prophetic! 

Rating: 5 stars


Garman Lord is a talented writer. His writing style is superb. This political parody is a must read for all. Take the 2016 political election and turn it into a marvelous laugh-out-loud read. Tired of the usual political crap? I highly suggest this book. Not only is it funny and political, but also is a great mystery. Dearth of a Nation presents to readers everywhere a fictional world that will drag them from their seats and into a thrilling adventure ride. A deadly yet dangerous plot. I thoroughly enjoyed following the characters the resembled today’s politican’s and the detective inside…once, I opened this, I had to finish it. Intriguing, suspenseful and full of crime as well as action. Fast-paced and well-developed. Garman Lord’s writing paints vivid yet highly detailed images that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. His book, has me wondering what will truly happen with this upcoming election. Overall, I loved reading Dearth of a Nation

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