Review: Enjoy the Ride


This memoir chronicles the last seven years of the life of Uncle Sammy, a Holy Fool, as he travels the different dimensions of dementia. There are stories of deep wisdom in this simple tale, written by Sandia Siegel and Sammy after he came to live with her in Hawaii. He is truly a rascal and an unlikely sage.

Rating: 5 stars


Enjoy the Ride by both Sandia S. Siegel and S. George Green is a beautifully written book that all will love. It is about an older man who goes through the journey of suffering from dementia. I can truly relate to this book because someone from my family is suffering from it as well. It’s hard for us to accept a loved one going through the it. This title, gave humor and wisdom everywhere. It made me laugh, cry, and love it. Truly a refreshing outlook and a real experience that readers can be sucked into as well as enjoy. Life seems too harsh not to try and enjoy the present moments. Enjoy the Ride is definitely a memoir that I would highly recommend to readers everywhere. 

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