Review: Cries in the Wind


Merriam Press Fiction Number 5. First eBook Edition 2016. The third story in the Wind Series finds Megan stirred by the mystery of two strangers and the unsolved murders of two local women from decades past. Pregnant yet haunted, Megan summons the help of close family and friends then plunges into an investigation which uncovers deceit, revenge, and betrayal. As Megan nears the truth, she and her crew become endangered by the killer. When Megan persists, she faces disastrous consequence.

Rating: 5 stars


Cries in the Wind by Judy Bruce is the third installment in the wonderful Wind Series. Judy Bruce was a new writer that was introduced to me. I ran into two of her novels and loved her work. From there, I have gone on to read her new series. The Wind Series books. Books one and two were stunning, and here book three has hit it off the charts as well. 

Cries in the Wind is another intriguing mystery. Judy Bruce’s writing has hooked me once again. Inside this novel, there are murders, shootings, and a divorce. Danger is so intense it’s crazy. Readers will be awed with the talent that shines on every page. Here, readers will have met Megan. She’s pregnant and will soon put herself and her baby, as well as others in danger’s way. The consequences are truly grave for Megan. Curiosity will take over readers’ minds. The pages flew by fast and the mysteries are deadly. Even though there’s destruction, evil, and a strong presence of evil inside, Judy Bruce also, creates hope for the future. The main character, Megan is a strong heroine. I really liked her. She went after the case and never gave even when the risks were high. Megan is a female character readers everywhere can admire. Overall, I recommend Cries in the Wind to all. 

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