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Levi Smith just received the news of a lifetime…He’s the newest Duke of Hensman. When the murder of his father brings Levi to his destiny, fingers are pointed at him while everyone tries to find out who killed the former duke. Lady Priscilla Garrett has always lived in a world of fantasy, but that world is rocked with the news of murder. She’s also shocked when she finds out who the suspect is. Levi.The once manservant she flirted with is now a duke! And Priscilla is willing to do whatever she can to prove his innocence. Can their new found love stand up to the ton? And what about treason?


Hugh Garrett has a secret…It runs through the veins of the young Viscount causing blackouts until he kisses the innocent lips of the young Olive Heath. For a moment, his future seems clear, and all he wants to do is to start his life anew. A new life. A life with Lady Olive Heath. Lady Olive Heath didn’t mean to kiss the very handsome Lord Hugh…But the kiss has given her ideas for her future. After suffering under the hand of her father, she thinks a marriage to Hugh could be her freedom. But first, Olive must free him from himself. Free him from his long years of darkness. Will love be enough? Will Hugh succeed in the one area of life that he’s best at? Disappointment.

Maximilian St. Cloud has been called many things in his life. A murderer, an assassin for the king, a knight…And though all those titles were well deserved, none scared him more than his current title. Caregiver. Left to raise the little girl of his ex-wife’s lover, Max is in over his head. For the first time, Max is lost. This problem will need a woman’s touch… and only one woman will do. Amanda Elliot. More than anything, Amanda wishes to be a peer, and Max has no title. But when Max convinces her to help with his daughter, Amanda is tempted by both the challenge and the man. Can she give up her desire for the status amongst the peerage to be with Max?

Rating: 5-stars


The Regards of a Rogue by Eleanor Meyers is brilliantly captivating. Three sets of characters that will lure readers in like honey is for bees. The romance is hot, addictive, and intriguing. There is always someone trying to protect the other person and it is then, that fate creates an up breakable spell upon them all. Each set of characters are easy to relate to…their lives mimicking reality of today. I fell in love immediately. Steamy, suspenseful, and clean. 

The first set of characters provides a strong female heroine. A man making his way up in society and danger that can put all at risk. Murder has been done and the leading suspect is the good guy. A woman is determined to prove his innocence. Going about it will put their hearts and lives at risk…

Then, the second pair are just as interesting. This second set is highly entertaining just like the ones before them. However, their lives and personalities are much more different. Or shall I say, more difficult. A man facing his own struggles and a promise of a good life. But it all depends if he can succeed. Then, the lady is one wanting to escape her lifestyle. After meeting a particular man, she believes her life will be great. But there is something she doesn’t know. Will fate bring them together or leave them to suffer alone?

Last but not least, the third set of characters will truly melt the hearts of readers everywhere. Imagine a tough as hell man who is suddenly given a new role in life. His new role is to care for a little girl. Completely, out of his element, he asks for help. In the form a beautiful woman, who wants nothing more to move up within society, Amanda has choices to make. Help a man take care of a little girl or go after a life titles. Fate brings two unlikely individuals together for a fabulous read. A family may just be in the future for these two adults…

Eleanor Meyers is a talented writer. Her writing style has a way of bringing me back to her novels time and time again. Fast-paced plots with exciting characters. Believable and beautifully written. The Regards of Rogue is a definite must read for all. I highly recommend this read to readers everywhere. Anyone who loves historical romances, will love this book. 

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