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Home Truths – Delving into the heart of Broken Roots
Broken Roots is a fast-paced and compelling coming-of-age novel about the extraordinary life of seventeen-year-old school girl, Teisha Cole. The story follows Teisha on a whirlwind journey of a lifetime, as her family unit breaks down before her very eyes, and she is forced to come to terms with some shocking home truths. This schoolgirl, uprooted, and moved from place to place, can trust and rely on no one. While she unravels her family’s myriad of lies and secrets that are on the verge of destroying her life, Teisha is put in grave danger. Her devious and calculating mother is at the centre of everything, and she will do anything in her power to stop Teisha from outing her dark, hidden life. As Teisha is put in further peril, escaping onto the streets, and into the foster care system, may be her only hope of survival.

With elements of tension, drama and bone-chilling suspense, this novel unearths some realities about what vulnerable children and young people can suffer behind closed doors. When Teisha meets her foster mother, Rachel Branfield, a rich yet lonely businessman from Mortlake, South West London, there is a chance that her life could change forever. But can Rachel be the mother she has always longed for?

In any one given year, there are 69,000 children in the UK who are in the foster care system. These children deserve to see, especially in literature, that their issues and experiences are considered relevant and important. These days, many young adult fiction books focus on other childhood related topics, such as relationships problems, body image, child obesity, family bereavement and youth crime. Whilst these topics are significant and noteworthy, it is essential to point out that child abuse and neglect have one of the biggest effects on children and young people’s mental health than any other childhood issue.

Teisha, although a fictional character, brings light to children’s suffering, whilst giving children and young people in care and other vulnerable children, a voice and hope for the future. Adults reading Teisha’s story will be able to improve their general understanding of issues surrounding children’s welfare and young mental health. This will help better protect young lives.

At the end of the novel there is a list of useful contacts that children and young people can contact, if they are worried about something or have an issue or difficulty they are struggling with. I have also included a few helplines and websites for adults and professionals who may be worried about a child they know. It is quite rare for fiction books to include these kind of contacts, however, I felt it necessary, as Broken Roots was written primarily to raise aware of issues concerning children’s welfare, and to encourage children to speak up about things that may be troubling them.

Broken Roots has been published Creativia Publishing and is out now on Amazon.

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