Review: Surrogate

Surrogate by [Sheehan, Regis P.]



In 1986 the drug war in South Florida and the Caribbean is going full bore.

The DEA requests the operational services of a veteran MACV-SOG soldier who is now a long-term local undercover narc in Pittsburgh. The target of the operation is the leader of a cocaine smuggling network based in Haiti.

When the “Org” discovers that the group is active in the world of international terrorism as well, the DEA’s borrowed narc is secretly recruited as an asset.

He soon learns the dangers of playing a triple game.


Rating: 5 stars


Surrogate by Regis P. Sheehan is definitely for those that look for a thrilling yet entertaining read. Regis P. Sheehan brings readers a fast-paced plot full of action, danger, and military power. I loved how realistic this thriller was written. The characters are interesting…as always the government puts agents in the deadliest places.  The main character’s survival skills and combat knowledge will be used constantly. I felt the suspense of what might happen, leave me hanging off the edge of my chair. Life or death. This new world, Surrogate, is a definite read for all.