Review: Ghosts of Havana

Ghosts of Havana (A Judd Ryker Novel) by [Moss, Todd]



A timely international thriller by the former deputy assistant secretary of state and bestselling author.

When four American fishermen stray into Cuban waters and are promptly arrested by Castro’s navy, State Department crisis manager Judd Ryker finds himself called in to negotiate their release. But the more, Ryker digs into the situation, the more things he discovers that just don’t seem to fit, especially now, with relations between the United States and Cuba supposedly thawing.  Who are these men really, and what were they doing there? What is Ryker’s actual mission, and what is his own government hiding from him?

Some people want the new initiative to succeed. Others want to stop it at any cost. Still, others see it as an opportunity for something much more radical. The common factor for everyone, of them: the time to act is right this minute.

The ghosts of Havana are walking, and Ryker is caught in the middle of them all.

Rating: 5 stars


Ghosts of Havana by Todd Moss is a masterfully woven tale. One that will plunge its readers deep into an unknown darkness surrounded by conspiracy, murder, and the search for truth. Ryker, the main character will soon find himself in a deadly situation. More questions arise than answers, and it will take everything for Ryker to survive it all. Highly engaging as well as well as entertaining. I was completely absorbed into the plot. Fast-paced and brilliantly told. Todd Moss knows how to keep his readers intrigued from the start to end. This novel made my heart race in anticipation of what was to come. It’s difficult and unseen troubles send readers on a journey that is full of action and suspense. The government can also be one’s worst enemy if not played right. Ghosts of Havana is truly a fascinating thriller that I highly recommend to all.

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