Review: Prodigal




Rating: 5 stars


Adam Alsing has no idea who he is or why he’s huddled naked in the snow next to a mysterious silver pod. When a gorgeous, no-nonsense sheriff by the name of Claire Lawson rescues him, she explains the planet’s under attack—and he’s been missing for over two years. The problem is, what he doesn’t remember can kill them.

He nearly destroyed the world, but with her help, he can save it.

Keeping the peace in her post-apocalyptic town is all the trouble Sheriff Claire Lawson can handle. Until the MIA Chosen One—the guy who could have prevented the apocalypse—interrupts her supply run. The Shipborn aliens want to study him, and what’s left of the Terran government wants to lock him up. But his charming demeanor and his desire to help, along with his sexy smile, has Claire fighting her better judgment to keep Adam around. For now…
Adam Alsing—at least that’s what they tell him his name is—just knows he wants to stay with Claire. She’s the one thing that makes him feel grounded. Grounded and kind of turned on, but these are serious times. The monsters have stepped up their attacks and nobody knows why. He’ll help her protect her town, her Shipborn friends, and every human on Earth who hates him for being the man he can’t remember being. He’s afraid he’s still that man, the one who failed the planet. Or is he something entirely new and even more dangerous?


Prodigal by Jody Wallace is another science fiction fantasy novel that carries one of my favorite elements. Romance. I normally do not read science fiction novels, but this one caught my eyes and nailed my attention. It was hard to put this novel down once opening it. The plot sends readers into the most intriguing adventure of a lifetime.  Imagine lying naked in frozen ground, without a clue as to how or why one has ended up in such a situation. Then, comes in another great character. She so happens to be the law around the area and comes to his rescue. Something about this woman draws the leading character in…but then life as we all know it messy. Complicated and dangerous. The world is just about to be destroyed and he’s the only one who might save them all. Then, Jody makes matters even more eventful by adding in the undeniable desire heating up in the leading female character towards the sexy trouble maker.

Jody Wallace’s novel has raw desire, aliens, and an apocalypse all in one interesting book. She has masterfully created characters that fit in with the genre as well as hooking readers deeper into the read. I loved how three dimensional the characters were. Sure there are aliens involved but their interactions and troubles are so real. It’s hard to believe it’s fiction. This fictional world had pulled me in from the beginning. Leaving with a satisfaction of a brilliant well-written tale. Prodigal is the one science fiction fantasy novel readers everywhere must read. The action and suspense will keep readers turning the pages and falling in love with the characters. Truly an entertaining and wild ride. One that I recommend to readers worldwide.


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