Review: Fly Me High (Part 1)


Fly Me High is a short military romance story about quickly sparked attraction between college girl Amelia and hot pilot named Spencer. Two different worlds, two different people. One – a college girl, trying to finish college and get over a recent breakup, the other – a military guy, trying to live his dream being a pilot. Discover all the difficulties and doubts emerging in their way as they try to make both worlds work in an unsupportive environment.

Rating: 5 stars


Fly Me High (Part 1) by Elen Free is a superb story. Short, concise, and romantic. A college girl is recently dumped by her longtime boyfriend. But then within 24 hours, her life immediately changes. Enters a new man in her life. One that she accidentally bumps into and from there things heat up like fire. A pilot whose sparkling blue eyes and sexy looks as well as the southern accent charm the socks off the Amelia. All loss over being dumped have disappeared quickly. Vanishing into the night. Spencer feels the immediate attraction towards Amelia. Something about her lures him closer to her. But being a pilot who loves to travel the world will have strong plays on how orr what happens next. Amelia isn’t sure if she will ever see SSpencer again. The part of not knowing if will she will see him ever again, worries her. Love is complicated, messy, and irresistible. One or both may have to give up, if their love is to succeed…can they sacrifice their lives for the love they feel? Elen Free is a talented writer. Her book was easy-to-read. I felt a connection to her characters. The instant chemistry and the reality of life pulling at two new lovers is a book no reader can resist. I couldn’t.  Overall, I highly recommend this sweet college romance to all. 

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