Review: The Second Stage of Grief


A false accusation. A brutal murder. Can Ngaire find a killer before he finds her?

Ngaire Blakes is trying to put her life back together. The ex-cop resigned from the police after a vicious assault left her battling PTSD. Dragged into a murder investigation, she’s shocked to discover that all the evidence points to her.
When the body count climbs, Ngaire flees to the cold comfort of her estranged father’s hometown. In danger and not knowing who to trust, she severs contact with her closest allies and must learn to rely on herself if she’s going to catch the killer before it’s too late.

The Second Stage of Grief is the second book in a series of mystery novels set in the dark shadows of New Zealand. If you enjoy gritty mysteries, strong women who rise to the challenge, and thrilling psychological suspense, then you’ll love Katherine Hayton’s latest installment in the Ngaire Blakes trilogy. 
Buy The Second Stage of Grief to crack the case today.

Rating: 5 stars 


The Second Stage of Grief by Katherine Hayton is a great murder mystery. I was intrigued. The story had me hooked from the beginning to end. The characters were just as interesting. A woman wakes up, not knowing the exact date. Next thing she knew, the police are forcing her to come with them down to the police station. They told her if she doesn’t come with them, then they’ll arrest her and take her how she is. Fear and confusion could easily be felt. I was hoping the best for this main character. It soon looked even worse for her, when they started questioning her in way that sends readers wondering about her guilt. Was she innocent or quilty? 

Katherine Hayton’s novel is an exciting adventure. One that grabs hold of readers and sends them straight into the mystery at hand. The writing left me in suspense. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next to the main character. The character’s predicament was believable. Many of us can relate to her situation. A murder of a woman and the character’s plate numbers duplicated on a similar make and model of a car is just one that readers can’t pass up…I loved it. The Second Stage of Grief also brings up a lot of themes like struggling with PTSD. The realistic qualities of the tale were amazing. I enjoyed reading this thriller murder mystery. Overall, I recommend it to all. 

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