Review: Selena’s Requiem




It’s been a year since Selena D’Agostino fled Castle Cormoran and her vampire kinsmen, staking Philip and setting Kieran on fire as he slept in his coffin. After Kieran appears at her book signing–and just as quickly vanishes–Selena receives a mysterious telephone call from a solicitor in Leeds, urging her to return to claim her inheritance.

Will Selena return to Cormoran for a reunion with her beloved Kieran—or will she go to her death?

Rating: 5 stars


Once again, Rita Dimitra has lured me into her world of fiction. Vampires, death, and love. I love how the male character doesn’t give up on his woman. He goes after what he wants. And that is Selena D’Agostino. Yet, she fled him and her relatives. She now, is settled. But then she sees what appeared to be her lover. Kieran. He’s a vampire. She’s still a human. Yet she only has the power of forcing him to allow her to be in power…sometimes. He love for her is so strong that he asks her something that she is most afraid of…death. Will death be the end or will it be the start of her new life with Kieran? Intriguing, addictive, and masterfully woven. Selena’s Requiem is a powerful story just like the first if not stronger. This is one romance that I highly recommend to readers everywhere.




























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