Review: Trip to Anguilla Pt. 1 (Indecent Chronicles Book 2)




Omar leads a life of denial and uncertainty, living in a protective bubble created by his father and uncle; to protect him, to shield him from the severity of the world. His childhood was spent in the belief that his father was a simple businessman, but something didn’t fit there.

His guests, his visitors, were the people Omar saw on TV, on the news – presidents, party officials, police; so many questions were born, but no answers to them so he compensated with fantasies: his father was a member of the Illuminati, the Masons, One cold night, Omar decided it was enough, decided that the fantasies, the uncertainty, had to stop.

He followed his father into a rundown building, lurked from the shadows and the spectacle before him shattered the illusions into small pieces, like glass; but they didn’t hurt him, they only drove him to become like his father. To become a tyrant, an entity, to have his hand in every pot across four different countries; to become the next Godfather of Balkan.


And will it count for anything?

Rating: 5 stars


Trip to Anguilla Part 1 by Ethan Brant was a unique read one that was definitely out of the realm of what I typically read. I was drawn in from page one and found it very informative. The feature that I loved most were the definitions that the author put at the beginning of the book to help the reader understand what they were reading. There were some heart-stopping moments and times where you were on the edge of your seat wondering what was coming next. Mr. Brant’s perspective is very unique and his writing style is that of one who can pull the reader into the story to where they can feel what each of the characters is feeling. His characters are well-defined. The plot of the story is easy to follow and he leaves you wanting more. I’m looking forward to reading Part 2.

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