Author Interview with Jacquelyn Wiles

Author Interview 

ULM: What inspired you to write your book, Don’t Trust A Stranger?

I wanted to write something with meaning behind it. Parts of my book are true, and others are not. I want to help people who are involved with domestic violence because it’s something that happens every day. If my book can help save at least one life then I would be very happy.

ULM: Did you always want to be a writer or was that something you discovered later on in life?

I discovered around the age of 10 how much I loved writing. I would sit in my room and write non-stop poetry. I eventually had a notebook or two full of different ones. Writing has always been something I was passionate about. However, writing a book didn’t come to mind until I was in my early 20’s. The more I went into book stores, the more I wanted my own to be on their shelf one day. Stephen King is my biggest inspiration, I love his work and I think he is just brilliant.

ULM: What would you like readers to take away from your book?

I want readers to take away that life isn’t perfect. Relationships fail, and you CAN move on. Family is there for you during your darkest hour. I want them to read my book, and think about certain situations in a different perspective, kind of like an outsiders point of view.

ULM: Was it difficult in writing your book, Don’t Trust A Stranger?

Parts of my book were hard to write, because it happened in real life. But, I feel like real life situations always make that book that much better. Overall, it wasn’t bad writing it.

ULM: What are three of your hobbies besides writing great books?

Three of my hobbies include: Being with my son, he’s 6 years old and I love taking him to WWE events with me, meeting superstars, taking him to the movies.
Being with my friends, when I am not working on my books or working my full time job. And lastly, driving around listening to music.

ULM: When will the sequel to your book be ready for readers?

I am hoping to have my sequel done and published by spring of 2017, fall at the latest. I am working like crazy to get this done.

ULM: Can you share with us, readers, about any other future works you may have planned?

When I am done with the sequel, I am working on two other (single) books, one is going to be a complete thriller/horror book, and one is going to be a complete romance book. Both of these genre’s are my favorites to read, so I want to make it enjoyable for my readers as well. I never want any of my books to be extremely long, so if everything goes the way I want then I will have a new book published each year. 

ULM: Where can readers find you and your books online?

I have an author blog: here is my link.

The links to buy my book is here:

Don’t Trust A Stranger (Volume 1): Jacquelyn Wiles: 9781533632432: Books

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Don’t Trust A Stranger –

Have you ever wanted to date someone online? Do you trust people easily? Sometimes that can be a deadly thing. Never be too careful. Never settle for less than what …

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Don’t Trust A Stranger

Have you ever wanted to date someone online? Do you trust people easily? Sometimes that can be a deadly thing. Never be too careful. Never settle for less than what…

ULM: What is your advice to both your readers and fellow writers?

My advice is to just follow your dreams, never let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish it. Even if you have writer’s block (believe me, I suffered with it a lot) anytime you have an idea write it down, you can always go back to it. Write until you cannot write anymore, you can always go back and change things. Take criticism with a grain of salt, do not let it discourage you. Instead let it help you with your next project. 

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