Review: Peter & Lisa (A Mental Illness Children’s Story)


A children’s book about two different mental illnesses, depression and mania, Peter and Lisa makes it easier for children to understand these mental conditions. It is a story about two people affected with such illness and how they got better and recovered through the proper medication and necessary support by family and friends. Charles and Linda Baron Katz’s Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story manifests the true essence of love and support to aid us overcome every storm that may pass.

Rating: 5 stars


Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story is a beautifully illustrated book that goes along with the story inside perfectly. Charles Katz and Lind Baron Katz both have created a book suited for children that shows what a mental illness is like and how to get help. They also show children that those with a mental illness are normal people too. They they can live a happy life just like those without a mental illness. The story also, shows that the people don’t always know that they have a mental illness. That can cause them an unhappy life. Until someone they know sees it, and helps them get help, they may go untreated and can get worse. However, this tale shows that help is around the corner and that positive things can happen to those dealing with mental illness. Marriage and having a family can be in the future for those with this issues. Both writers showed the realistic outcomes if not treated and treated. I liked that. It gives hope and inspiration to those who are struggling with these issues. Overall, I recommend this children’s book to all readers. It’s the perfect guide to educating others on mental illnesses. 

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