Review: Slain Passion


This new world is dangerous, lonely, and scary.

One morning, the Blast happens. The few people left scavenge for food, pray, and hide from the Blasted. Kat’s warm and safe in the bunker, protected by the steel door. Until a stranger trespasses.

He’s been looking for her. Now he’s found her, and he won’t leave her unless she helps him. She’s special. She has the means to fight, but she’ll have to confront an enemy who has no face and no name. She will need to step outside the shelter of the bunker to brave danger, pain, betrayal, and death—the cost for her to restore the world.

Rating: 4 stars


Slain Passion by Chris Lange is a fabulously original story. I was really into the world of the story and had a really difficult time pulling myself away from it. The romance scenes were hot and sexy, and I loved them. However, I honestly thought they took too much attention away from the storyline. The flirtatious banter between Conroy and Kat was enticing and very well written – even added to the story. However, the romantic scenes seemed a bit forced rather than a natural occurrence within the story line. I also would have liked to know the gender and age of the main character earlier on within the story. It was a bit confusing. I kept wondering what her age and gender was and it took me out of the story a bit. Overall, the story was amazing. I will definitely read it again. 

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