Review: The Guttersnipes 


Charlie Daniels is more than six feet tall, allergic to almost everything, and has a pet dinosaur at home. His life in Arizona is relatively normal. That is, apart from the nightmares Charlie has… But when his dinosaur, Trike, gets kidnapped by a strange old lady and her cat-like sidekick, Charlie and his misfit friend Arty are sucked into a story bigger than both of them. Risking everything to rescue Trike, Charlie and Arty are flung into the past, landing in the chaos of New York City, 1865. Dodging the mysterious Nasten Cobblestine, and avoiding the perils of New York’s nastiest street cleaners’ strikes, test Charlie’s wits as well as his courage. All he wants to do is reunite with his dinosaur and somehow find a way back home… As Charlie searches for Trike, he draws dangerously close to P.T. Barnum’s eerie museum and the creature that lies within. Will he find Trike and get home alive? And who is the Ice Lady of his nightmares?

Rating: 5 stars


The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett reminded me so much to the Night of the Museum movie. I felt that this had similar qualities. A fantasy adventure about a boy and his dinosaur. They get separated and the boy keeps searching for his dinosaur, Trike. However, the boy isn’t aware what everything is nor means but figures pieces out as the story unfolds. A father who isn’t what he appears. A danger that will carry on even beyond the ending…I am interested in reading the next book from this writer. I was intrigued. Just enough suspense, action, and danger to keep me turning the pages. Time travel, magic, and secrets. Charlie is an interesting character. I really liked him. His personality makes readers like myself feel compelled towards him. His caring and sweet ways are believable. Mysterious til the end, The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett is a must read for adults and children alike. I can see this as a crossover novel and as a big screen motion picture. Overall, I highly recommend this entertaining piece of fiction to all. 

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