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Moses has been my best friend since kindergarten. We met when I shoved him face first in the dirt and took his action figures. Ever since, we’ve been tighter than blood, but we’re not blood, and my body knows that. My heart has known that for years. 

The fact that being a pole dancer has interfered with my relationship status is an understatement. Moses is literally the longest I’ve been with a man, except I’m not really ‘with’ him. 
Now I’m approaching a place where I’m curious enough to tell him about my feelings. I’ve gotten close, but a man as hot as my bestie has had really small gaps between girlfriends. I know it could be a big mistake, and he’s never seen me that way, but I won’t know for sure unless I act right? Only problem is, I might be too late again.

I’m not blind to the fact that my best friend is dangerously hot. She’s basically every man’s dream but she’s not mine. I’m the one that protects her, councils her, and encourages her, knowing she will do the same for me. She’s my girl. 
But now something is different, and I can’t put a name to it. Something feels changed, but I’m putting all that on the back burner because I think I found my perfect girlfriend. 
Still, Chloe is in my head; I’m not sure she would handle knowing that. After all, I’m in the friend zone…
Rating: 5 stars


Nicole Strycharz is indeed one of the most talented female writers of this day. Her characters send you into their stories. Making readers want to know every gritty and dark secret they hold. I laughed, cried, and fell deeply in love. Friends is easy. But being good looking plus, awesome friends…tends to stretch the friend zones the characters are inside of…once that is stretched to a boiling, it never goes back to being the same. 

Chloe has known Moses all her life just about and she has fallen head over heels for him. But the issues it that she doesn’t want to admit. At least not until, Moses thinks he has found the girl, the it woman for himself. That’s when all her reserves start unweaving. She wants him. Jealousy, a bit of anger, and so much lust. Chloe doesn’t want to ruin her friendship. She let’s Moses do his thing…but as each day nears, she’s going crazy with not being open about her heart. 

Moses is the guy all women need. He’s the good friend that can be relied on and love.  Love more than a friend…heck yes. He’s sexy as sin with a charming personality to match it. His over protectiveness he feels towards Chloe, his best friend, should give him signs he’s in love with her. But he ignores the feelings. Doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with her. After all, they friend zoned each other. But despite moving on…he can’t stop thinking about Chloe…

The Friend Zone by Nicole Strycharz leds readers on an epic roller coaster ride. I personally would love to see this novel on the big screens. I’m already trying to think of which leading stars will play Chloe and Moses as well as they’re bad dating partners. This novel has a way of wrapping itself deep around me and pulling me further into its plot. Fast-paced, exciting, and heart melting. They are times, I want to shout out at the lead characters and say, “kiss and marry, already! It’s obvious you guys are perfect for one another!” Yet neither one is sure they would make it as a couple. Both are scared of their feelings in a way. It’s so believable…I felt like I was watching the scenes come alive instead of just reading about them. Nicole Strycharz amazed me with her Duke of Goldenshire, then her novel called, The Divorce, and now, this one. I am stunned. Raw talent award goes to…Nicole Strycharz. She doesn’t just write novels, she takes life and captures it into her book and creates real people in her characters. I love it. Can’t get enough of this writer’s novels. She goes out and beyond each time creating the best masterpiece. Nicole Strycharz’s talent knows no boundaries and is limitless, that’s what I love about her books. You can run free and live inside of them. Perfect romance every time. Overall, The Friend Zone is a definite read for all. 

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