Review: Leaving Amy 


Amy thought she had it figured out—followed her heart and moved forward…but life isn’t always so simple. Things tend to drag you back to familiarity, or in Amy’s case—people. Wesley returns from his stint of love and betrayal, and has a favor to ask of her. When Amy agrees to help, all that was moving forward in her life comes to a halt. As Amy tries to fix the loved ones around her, she begins to lose all that she’s gained. And when the smoke clears, she’s more confused about what’s meant to be and who it’s meant to be with.

Rating: 5 stars


Leaving Amy by Julieann Dove is the second tale inside this amazing series. Once more, Julieann Dove has lured readers like myself into her fictional world. I loved following Amy, the leading character, into her new journey. Inside the first one, we found that she and her husband parted. Betrayal and the finding of new love. Then, readers get to this novel, and we see Amy’s new romance coming to a halt. Her world was doing fine until her ex-husband comes walking back into it. Complicated matters turn more complex and devastinng than Amy thought. Life is messy. Julieann Dove has taken life’s greatest and worst moments and spun it into her latest tale. Every thing happens for a reason. The novel, still has the powerful emotional pull that drags me further into the plot. Heartfelt, compelling, and brilliantly told. This second part showed readers a story that is more real and believable than most contemporary novels. I enjoyed that aspect of reading this book. If every novel were happy, swoon worthy, then it would be dull. However,  that’s not the case with Leaving Amy. Never a dull moment. Sad yes. But entertaining too. The most powerful tool with this series and this particular read is that Julieann Dove kept her readers guessing. I never knew what to expect next nor how it would end…and now, I need to know the final piece.  I see Amy growing with each book. Overall, Leaving Amy is a romance that readers can definitely relate to as well as enjoy. I highly recommend this to readers everywhere. 

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