Special Guest: K.C. Willivee

I’m pleased to be talking some about the process of writing The Wrong Man. I was working as a therapist in a male prison and developed a long-standing interest in how people rebuild their lives after incarceration. Certainly, I was interested in the societal aspects, tasks like finding employment, obtaining stable housing, and seeking ongoing substance abuse and mental health treatment. But over time I became fascinated with how the reintegration looked on a personal level. Add a growing awareness of the problem of wrongful convictions, and I had a story I couldn’t wait to tell about love between an innocent man and his alleged victim’s sister. 

 While I wanted the book to be informed by my experiences working in the prison system, I wasn’t looking to write a book about prison. So I focused on Patrick’s life after his release, and on the ways that he and Natasha resolved their difficulties around the circumstances of his incarceration. Natasha had worked hard to put him behind bars, and that was something that they both had to live with and address. I wasn’t satisfied with that level of challenge, though, and created a shadowy conspiracy that was actually responsible for Natasha’s brother’s death and that now had her and Patrick in its sights. 

Because of that danger, Natasha had to make a very quick decision about whether or not to trust Patrick. Then they could work out the rest as they fled from their enemies and tried to unravel tangled loyalties. For me, a good romance novel is about equality and mutual support between partners, healthy conflict resolution, and overcoming obstacles together-in an entertaining, escapist way and with a heaping dose of sexual chemistry! 

 As a reader, I typically don’t want to take a break from the realities of daily chores and responsibilities to read about those same mundane things. Instead, I’m looking to be transported and to emerge from the reading experience recharged. And that’s what I hope I’ve provided with The Wrong Man. I love hearing from readers and would welcome your thoughts and comments. 

You can post on my page at Amazon (amazon.com/author/kcwillivee) or email me directly at kcwillivee@gmail.com. I’d like to take the time to thank Danielle again for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this post.

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