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Desperate for a new beginning, Sophie Cavall trades Manhattan for Brooklyn, where she meets someone new. He’s a fun-loving man, hardworking and good with kids, but a run-in with her former flame revives a yearning Sophie thought was long buried. And this time, Oliver Black won’t be giving her up for anyone.

Even if it meant facing death alone, Oliver did the only thing he could think of to keep the woman he loves safe and out of the limelight: break her heart.

The real enemy is closing in. The last piece of the puzzle may prove to be the most dangerous of all.

In the third and final installment to the Diamond in the Rough series, Elisa Marie Hopkins explores love, loss, forgiveness, and the perseverance of two characters facing extraordinary challenges.

There might just be light at the end of the tunnel…

Rating: 5 stars


Brilliant Cut by Elisa Marie Hopkins is the final installment to the dashing series. I have come to love this series so much. Elisa Marie Hopkins has masterfully crafted an epic ending…The raw emotional pull and rollercoaster scenes sends readers like myself deep into the book’s plot. Fast-paced and cleverly written, I have once again enjoyed reading this writer’s work.

Brilliant Cut brings readers back into the romantic suspense world of Sophie Cavall. A model now, bestselling author and a mother. I love seeing how Sophie has grown as a leading character throughout the series. She’s one that tugs readers into her life story and has them eating out of her hand. Her personality and charm earn her respect. However, the danger is not quite over yet. Readers will feel Sophie’s heartache and sense the building of what is to come. Her love left her thinking he could keep her safe, yet nothing can stop the danger and now, Oliver not only has broken his love’s heart but has to keep her alive…

Intriguing and full of action, I couldn’t find myself to stop reading. The intensity of their love and the lurking danger keeps me hooked. Elisa Marie Hopkins knows how to entertain and keep readers guessing. The tale is deep, stunning, and addictive. The characters stand out and hold my attention from start to end. I enjoyed this last piece, it is indeed a brilliant cut…Overall, I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.


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