Review: Emma has A Dilemma 


Emma has a dilemma, and she doesn’t have a clue what she’s going to do about it! She gets her first F ever on an easy grammar test about nouns and pronouns. Wizard Jake appears out of nowhere when he hears her crying and is willing to help her. He is a genius at grammar and tries patiently to teach her the ins and outs of both nouns and pronouns. Will she learn in time for her make-up test? Or will she end up with a permanent F on her record? 

Only this glorious tale about two people from different worlds can answer that question.

Rating: 5-stars


Emma has a Dilemma is a unique and engaging children’s book. Inside the story has a rhyming rhythm to it and the words will lead readers into a fascinating world of fiction. A young girl struggling with learning pronouns and nouns finds help in the form of Wizard Jake. He helps Emma learn both common and proper nouns as well as pronouns. Fun, exciting, and educational. I loved reading this illustrated book. It’s easy to follow along and learn new things. I would recommend this book not only to teachers but also to parents everywhere. Great for both inside and out of the classroom. Makes learning entertaining. 

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