Review: The Lions’ Den


In the waning years of the seventh century BC, one of history’s most notable and terrifying warriors succeeded to the throne of Babylon, a fledgling kingdom barely twenty-one years old. This is the story of Nebuchadnezzar growing into manhood and racing to claim the crown of his dead forgather from the hands of his manipulative younger brother. It is a story of wars as consumed by hatred he sought to kill a boyhood friend that had become his lifelong nemesis. An invincible warrior…a shrewd politician…and an artist. Babylon was his masterpiece featuring the massive artificial mountain he built for his wife-the hanging gardens, fifty-four gold gilt temples, and three-hundred-foot high pyramid piercing the sky to be seen for miles in the distance. 

This is also the story of Daniel, a Jewish captive removed from Judah and placed in the royal palace of Babylon. Imbued with an intense faith in God, Daniel was a man of extraordinary abilities in governance and leadership. Two men as different as could possibly be. A man of boiling passions and volatile temperament, Nebuchadnezzar would never have survived without his most trusted aide, Daniel. Daniel’s closeness to almighty Jehovah was so compelling that even the arrogant and menacing Nebuchadnezzar was forced to come face to face with this creator. No matter who reigns or what is, God is in control.

Rating: 5-stars


The Lions’ Den by Wes Brustad is an incredible tale. One that drags readers back in time to the Egypt. Phonecians and even the important figure, Daniel are alive. I was immediately fascinated. This historical book, brought to life amazing characters. Battles, wars, and a friendship unlike any other. Wes Brustad’s writing is superb. I felt like I was taken from my seat and brought straight into the book. The scenes were animated, engaging, and remarkably realistic. Traveling through the story was another highlight. I got to travel, live, and feel the cultures and peoples around me. The ending was great. A man left in turnmoil wondering if Daniel’s God is indeed the God of all Gods. Then, it ended with him wanting to build a temple for an unlikely friend. The friendship is strange but not impossible. Daniel is a man that is good. It is no wonder that the other main character accepts him. Despite different beliefs these two made it through. I liked how that was portrayed. The writer gained my interest and respect. Showing how to sides can fight and also become friends. Truly a phenomenal read. Overall, I recommend this novel, to readers everywhere. 

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