Review: June Rain


June Rain. Imagine-that you are young. Imagine-that by the merest of chances you meet the love of your life. Imagine-that you experience a series of wondrous moments in which almost imperceptible events take on life-changing significance. Imagine-that you walk into a storm so vast that it seems to drain all light and color from the world, and that you emerge from it with a new understanding of life and truth and God. Imagine-yourself in a world that all at once begins to sparkle in boundless sunshine…a romance of ideas by Brandon Knightley.

Rating: 4.5 stars


June Rain by Brandon Knightley is a contemporary romance novel that is enjoyable to read. I was instantly intrigued and enlightened by both of the main characters. Each character’s personality making the novel quite interesting. Refreshing, exciting, and well-developed. The story begins in a slow pace that may distract readers from continuing…however, the pace then begins to speed up…and when it does, readers will not want to stop reading. I felt a deep connection with both Dante and Helen. Two young people in love. Their story entertained me until the ending. Once, I reached that end, I felt compelled to know more about them. I hope Brandon Knightley writes more…this book definitely hooked me into his writing. 

Brandon Knightley introduced to readers to great characters. The first is Dante. He is a young man that made me love him from the beginning. His outlook on life is one that many of us miss. It was fascinating to watch him grow from a young guy into a full man. Dante is helplessly in love with a girl name Helen. Helen is beautiful, bright, and is Dante’s other half. Their raw love and chemistry is beautiful. Both think beyond their years and are good people. It was easy to relate to them within the story. Many go without ever finding their love, yet both Dante and Helen found theirs. June Rain is a feel good romance tale that life look so much brighter. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to all.

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