Review: Blueprint to Your Success


Most people feel success comes from luck or a God-given talent but successful people accomplish their life goals in a very simplistic way; they have a formula for success. Dan Pederson knows from practical experience. He started working early on as a laborer and realized very quickly that he had limited skills with only a high school education. But with perseverance and a formula for success he changed his life, achieving success in sales, investing, management consulting and leadership.

Blueprint to your Success shows you how you can achieve success in money goals, business, health and overall happiness. Each of the 12 chapters includes personal questions to help you apply this easy to use blueprint approach to your own life. Dan’s simple passage to your life’s goals allows you to be more successful in everything you do. Not only that, you will be able to teach these easy concepts to your children and grandchildren! So don’t wait, read this book!

Rating: 5-stars


Dan Pederson is a great writer. His book, Blueprint to Your Success is everything readers need to make good formal and informal decisions. Each chapter demonstrates another part of our work and personal lives. He shows readers how to get from one point to another. The writing is easy to read and understand. Colorful, organized, and brilliantly designed to help others. This book contains forms to help each reader see where they are at now and where they might be in the future. Plus, it allows readers to assess everything including finances, health, and happiness. Dan Pederson had one goal in mind and he accomplished just that with this book. There are topics like retirement and financial planning that I haven’t begun to think about or had to handle yet…and this book made it easy for me. Overall, I highly recommend Blueprint to Your Success to readers worldwide.

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