Review: Abduction (How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts and Minds)


Abduction issues an Amber Alert for the souls and minds of America’s youth. The book exposes how the liberal Left seeks to brainwash our children. It places a spotlight on the corruption that permeates the entertainment, educational, and judicial systems of our nation. Parents, teachers, and policymakers need to know what is happening right under their noses. Abduction offers a practical guide for fighting back against those who would destroy the moral compasses of our children.

Rating: 5-stars


Abduction: How Liberalism Steels Our Children’s Minds and Hearts by both Steve Feazel and Dr. Carol M. Swan is an excellent read. This book is a must have for all readers whether you’re an intrigued conservative on what the liberals have done and are doing or a liberal yourself. Topics like mainstream media, how porn has been incorporated as an approved academic subject and many more. I found myself engaged with the content. Shocking truth…and a lot of research went into writing this. The book not only goes on how liberalism works on spepcific areas but also shows the conservative side as well. I like how the writers brought both sides into the informative piece and not just one sided. However, it does show greatly the side affects of liberalism on every issue. That stunned me. As a conservative myself, there were things…a lot that I wasn’t aware of about both my side and the opposite side. After reading Abduction: How Liberalism Steels Our Children’s Minds and Hearts, I have been reeducated on everything I thought I knew. The writers dive deep, into political, economical, and institutional issues. Education is at the center of it all. Liberals are teaching our kids everywhere more so than conservatives…I can only remember one time a particular teacher tried reinforcing me to believe her perspective on a major topic. That was in my senior year in high school. She thought that if we didn’t accept her policy on the matter than we were wrong. That’s not what teachers are for…they are to teach us subject not force us to accept their beliefs unless enrolled in a religious school. Otherwise the teacher was wrong for what she did. In college, I have not meet any teachers forcing my to accept anything I didn’t agree with…Overall, I highly recommend this book to readers worldwide. 

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