Review: Acanemia 


An irreverent appraisal of America’s higher education players–administrators, faculty, and students–offered by an emeritus professor at a university established in the 1960s.

Rating: 5-stars


Acanemia is a fascinating memoir. It took me on a journey to learning about higher education failures. I also got a sneak peak to a liberal instructor’s point of view on education. It was quite an informative read. Lawerence E. Hussman took me through his journey of learning in school while talking about the good and bads of higher education. He doesn’t blame a particular group or institution but explains it’s a group failure. This book discusses the numerous issues facing the American higher education system. I agree with the writer. As an American student, the higher education has many failures indeed. Lawerence E. Hussman goes on with suggestions to reforming the higher education system. One such problem is that school officials have a personal versus inclusive agendas. This a major effect upon education and those earning their education. I found this book to be quite educational. I enjoyed exploring the roles of education and the system itself. Acanemia is a must read whether one is getting their education or working in that field. It’s even beneficial to those looking to solve the issues happening everywhere. Lawerence E. Hussman gives a deeper meaning to the topic. Both drawing from his personal experiences and from what he does as an educator. Overall, I recommend it to all.

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