Review: Computer Love Inc. III (Blood Brothers)


Computer Love Inc.’s team of elite scientists have developed a new technological wonder, yet it brings with it unforeseen events bearing serious implications. The Guardian of Development, as this supreme Companion has been named, is dangerous – and not only for the mere fact that it represents the epitome of all artificial intelligence combined. Overwhelmed by what his team has created and burdened with the responsibility of time travel technology, Marius realizes he needs immediate assistance. Together, he, Zak, and John, are forced to take on challenges far beyond any they have ever encountered.

The government’s involvement has surpassed the point of empty threats; now, their presence is tangible and undisguised. Marius realizes that his company could potentially lose everything. Fueling the concept of an inside company traitor, Zak develops suspicions that convince John and Marius to take action. To make matters worse, the threat of a radical group, Rights for All Companions (R-FAC), has grown stronger. It’s become difficult to determine where alliances lay, and it seems that no one can be trusted. Has Computer Love Inc. spawned a source of technology that surpasses humanity? One thing is certain: a battle is brewing. With ideologies divided and battle lines blurred, will it be humanity or artificial intelligence that prevails?

Rating: 5-stars


Computer Love Inc. III (Blood Brothers) by both Kurt and Jessica Hansen is the third installment to their amazing science fiction series. What I love about this novel, is that it contains all of the science fiction elements and is still addictive to read. I normally do not read science fiction. However, when I do, I am very picky. Kurt and Jessica Hansen have created a stunning piece. Their book brings out my other favorite elements like mystery, suspense, and intrigue. I was hooked. 

The story once more has political and government issues. Plus, the artificial intelligence robot is a major hazard to all. It’s strengths make it a threat. The government wants it. The role of science and how far it goes shows readers the scariness of it all. How far is too much? When science reaches that boiling point where it becomes it an issue to all makes me wonder if scientists really would go as far as possible to stop their evil creations…Computer Love Inc. III (Blood Brothers) is indeed a compelling read. Readers will love traveling in time and following along as the suspense builds up…overall, I highly recommend this tale to readers worldwide 

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