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For Mormon teenagers, their Bishop is one of the most important people in their lives, second only to their parents. What happens if the Bishop abuses his authority and misbehaves? Badly…

Chris is Mormon, from a long line of Mormons–the church is his life. But as high-school graduation approaches, the secret perversions of his bishop are uncovered and tear at the fabric of his life and faith. Unable to look away, he picks at the carefully constructed layers, and the more strings he pulls, the more things unravel, until the light in his world is replaced with evil and perversion, and he is forced to confront the ambiguous and murky division between good and evil.



Losing Deseret by Brice Bogle is an interesting coming of age story. It immediately plunges readers into the realities of life. Things that should be pure are sometimes the most corrupted and evil bodies that the characters will ever know. Religion is the center for everything. Many civilizations have based their ways on a religion of some sorts. Religion is a system for humans to organize their lives and when that part fails them…things change. 

Brice Bogle has created a novel that will leaves readers questioning everything. Losing Deseret is deep, thought provoking, and entertaining. It was very easy to relate to Chris. He’s the main character telling readers the story. His life is believable from the beginning to end. Important role models have major impacts on one’s life and this book shown exactly that. Plus, it allowed me to watch Chris mature as a young man. His journey was beautifully woven in a way that keeps readers in…Losing Deseret has a lot of social and religious issues. That made it a must read. I enjoyed reading this novel, and I look forward to reading more by Brice Bogle in the future. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers everywhere. 

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