Review: Love Your Enemies in Case Your Friends Turn Out to be Bastards (Organizational Case Studies Examining Worksite Politics)


Know Your Enemies… features two sections written from totally different perspectives, each vantage point designed to assist in the interpretation and survival of worksite politics.

Section One is a collection of 37 Vignettes, some humorous, some not so humorous – anecdotes describing examples of worksite dysfunction, interspersed with diagnostic clarification (summaries every fifth or sixth Vignette) to help generate ideas and increase awareness and knowledge of the ploys utilized by a few to manipulate the unwary.
Section Two is a 180-degree shift in writing style, this time utilizing an integrated methodological approach to examine organization dysfunction and the predators within the infrastructure, and to provide coping strategies/techniques, in essence a cadre of survival skills, to reduce risk of exploitation and increase quality of work life and empowerment.

Rating: 5-stars


Love Your Enemies In Case Your Friends Turn Out to be Bastards by Jake Hagerman is quite an interesting read. The book is easily written in a way that anyone can relate to as well as enjoy. Entertaining, informative, and powerful. Tons of situations that are a combination of real and fake that lures readers deeper into the messages being presented. A creative nonfiction piece that is part memoir and part fiction. I found it enlightening. The writer’s experiences were believable. Readers can put themselves into these parts. The understanding and knowledge are clear. Jake Hagerman carefully divided his nonfiction book into two sides. One that shows readers what happens and the other how to survive through those events. Legal, personal, and environmental aspects played an important role in this book. The topic entirely focuses on the mental health care and the work environment. It was great reading the writer’s insights to everything happening. His reflections were deep and thought provoking. The way the professional and personal lives overlapped made this a great book. It was like reading the same content from two perspectives. In the workforce, it’s like a zoo. Without proper organization, communication, and proper strategies nothing will work as effectively or efficiently as it should. I found everything inside motivating. Jake Hagerman was like a coach guiding and showing me the way. Love Your Enemies…is indeed a book that I would recommend to others. Skill sets are crucial and this book helps to build them.

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