Review: The Tut Clone Contracts


Readers of this Book Will … 1. Enjoy robot combat with live ammunition at the 2033 Munich Oktoberfest as Edison Richards, a ten-year-old Tut clone, competes against the leading war-robot operators of Europe. 2. Participate in an attack on a drug lord’s mining camp in Guatemala as Kachil Coban, a Tut clone undergraduate at the University of Chicago, rescues a young Mayan cousin from sexual slavery. 3. Hide under a sink in the Oriental Institute as two of the Tuts’ girlfriends raid the place one night, looking for evidence of the clones’ origins. 4. Join a truck convoy crossing Cairo under fire as the Tut clan, now united, takes over their ancestral homeland, founds the 34th Dynasty, and revives a dysfunctional Egyptian state. 5. Listen in at the Tuts’ first press conferences as they meet the challenges of ruling Egypt after a lost war, an Islamic insurrection, and economic chaos. 6. Join the funeral procession of John Jazz Tut, assassinated by a terrorist, as he becomes the first royal interred in the Great Pyramid of Giza in 5,000 years. Hear Gordon Geertsma, now Tutankhaten II, deliver a funeral oration and restore Egypt to its place as a leading center of civilization in the year 2046, newly renumbered Anno Aegypti 6046.

Rating: 5-stars


The Tut Clone Contracts by Jan Issaye Berkhout is one marvelous journey. Jan Issaye Berkhout takes readers into an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. Intrigue, action, travel. Egypt is a fascinating place where so much can happen. This story has everything readers could dream of plus, more. It’s fast-paced and thrilling. There’s robotics, slavery, dysfunctional state of Egypt and others. Wars, danger, political as well as economic conflicts are brought into the tale. Creating a rich fantasy filled with nothing but exploration as the plot unfolds. 

This novel, caught my interest from the title alone. Anything with Egypt catches my attention. In fiction, there was a ton of room to make a story. The writer, Jan Issaye Berkhout went beyond any writer. I was excited, caught in suspense, and loving every moment. Every page had visual and entertaining scenes. The characters were well developed. Some parts of the novel, were educational. I found myself completely engaged inside of The Tut Clone Contracts. Whether one is into technology, sci-fi, or adventure…this is the perfect read as it has it all. Overall, I recommend it the book to readers worldwide.

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