Review: A Chink in Time



This book combines the tranquillity of nature, with the bare facts of life that we all have to endure every day.
Experiences that each of us face as we go through our lives are captured in the words of a poem. Love, joy, pain, or anguish; then with the flip of a page you can immerse yourself in the beauty of a warm sunny day at the beach, or a stroll in the open countryside. This is a book that can help people put their life into perspective; by, for a few moments, taking them away from their daily angsts, to a place within, where their soul can begin to heal.
All this, plus the underlying spirituality that first gave birth to it all.

Rating: 4 stars


A Chink in Time, by Gina C. Baker, is a lovely read. Her poetry flows and has a magical story throughout the book. Each one relates to the previous one to create a fantastic theme of tranquility and life lessons to create a great picture in this package. It was strange, yet refreshing, going from a happy poem about a sunny day and turning the page to read a darker poem about struggles and anguish. Each turn of the page brings something new and exciting to the experience of reading this book. I wanted to give it a 5 star rating, however, the synopsis (taken from and even parts within the book (specifically the introduction) have spelling and grammatical errors that, I feel, could have been easily remedied. Even with those things, the book is a must-read. There’s so much to take away from reading it that it’s still a worthy book to own.

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