Review: After and Before: The Story of Hatley Chambers




Hatley Chambers is a young man trying to find his place in the world. Dreams of a career in photography and expectations of personal relationships crowd his thoughts when a horrendous and unexpected event changes his life forever. Two intertwined plots chronicle the aftermath of this event as well as the series of occurrences that led him to it.

Follow innocent young Hatley as he completes his education and heads out into the world with dreams of glory and a fulfilling life. Agonize with Hatley during the long process of picking up the pieces. Try to understand the sequences of events that can take a person on the ups and downs of life and the struggles they go through to cope with them. Force yourself to sympathize with somebody that you know you shouldn’t sympathize with.

Rating: 5 stars


After and Before: The Story of Hatley Chambers, by Glenn Seerup, is a fantastically compelling story about a man trying to find his place in the world before and after suffering from a tragic event that befalls him. We get to see his journey before and after; how he lived life before the fateful day and how he copes with it afterward. It’s written brilliantly so that you can’t help but relate and sympathize with the main character, Hatley. Seeing how this young man continues to go through life to fulfill his dreams is breathtaking and a marvel to read. I definitely suggest this book to everyone.

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