Review:  Brooklyn Streets Meet Wall Street


Coming from a ruff section of Brooklyn, New York, a young man climbs the ladder to success and falls in love. His happiness, however, can’t last forever, and an important friendship puts his future in jeopardy.
Josh Robinson was drifting through life. When he thinks about the man he wants to be in the future, the only thing he is certain of is that he wants to wear a suit. To Josh, a suit means respect. When people saw his father in a suit, they would go out of their way to call him Mister.

For his future, Josh picks one of the professions where wearing a suit is mandatory: securities trading. The second he sets foot on Wall Street, he knows he made a great decision.

His future looks even brighter when he meets the lovely Lisa. She is gorgeous and intelligent, but their relationship leads to a complicated and messy love triangle that will have severe repercussions for all of them.

In this novel of sweet romance and high finance, Josh is forced to make a difficult decision about his priorities and his future. Can he really have the dream job and the dream girl?

Rating: 5-stars


Brooklyn Streets Meet Wall Street is an urban fiction novel that readers won’t forget. It literally takes readers straight into the characters’ lives.  Josh is an African American who grew up on the streets and dreamed of doing something better with his life. That dream was working at Wall Street. Financial investments. Wearing a suit to Josh represents respect. Wearing a suit would give him the respect he wants. However, life is never as simple or easy as well plan. There’s always more struggles, tough choices, and mistakes before we get anywhere. I liked how this urban fiction novel was easy to read and follow along to…it represented a realistic side to the street life. The ugly side to how the poor really live and how they struggle to make ends meet. Their decisions to engage in crime shows two sides of them. Survivors and and those who don’t care about humanity. From killing to drugs…readers can feel the violence and intensity of every situation. Coming from this kind of lifestyle is hard to get away from no matter how high one is willing to sprite in the world. James Jimmy Richardson has created an entertaining read that will capture his audiences from everywhere. Well-written, stunning, and well-developed. Overall, I recommend Brooklyn Streets Meet Wall Street to readers everywhere. 

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