Review: Under The Double Integral- Ray Donner (Planet Master)


Under The Double Integral is the second in a series of novels by Stan Burns. It is a sequel to Stan’s first novel, Extraordinary Space, The Integral. Under The Double Integral is a work of science fiction that blends everyday life activities of a family from a moderately sized Midwestern community with various other intriguing activities, known only to a few, mainly that of exploring the vastness of space. In the novel, an ordinary teen is given the means to travel to distant planets and back. His explorative curiosity of the planets is first sparked while in high school and this curiosity continues well into his college years. While Ray Donner’s extra-planetary adventures are intended to be kept secret from his younger siblings, their antics are nevertheless evident throughout the novel. Amazingly, Ray reaches a breakthrough that could have astounding implications for all mankind, a second chance if you will, for mankind to get it right. Ray Donner (Planet Master) Under The Double Integral, and Beyond the Final Frontier.

 Rating: 5-stars


Under the Double Integral – Ray Donner (Planet Master) by Stan Burns is an astounding piece. Explore science and the vast world of space. Every pages leads readers on a journey of a lifetime. Imagine exploring Mercy and Venus and finding valuable gems. Just being on the planets would be exciting enough. I felt like all the things that I learned in Physcial Science were being taught to me again. Except in this entertaining world of fiction, I could easily see how the knowledge would come in handy. Knowing the tempartures and atmosphere stuff is fascinating. The combinations of what there are up of is interesting. The moon, sun, and space travel will definitely hook readers. I definitely was lured. Captivated by the story. The characters were refreshing and kept me turning the pages. Intrigue, educational, and adventure all wrapped into one brilliant read. I haven’t read the first novel, in this series, but I look forward to reading it. Stan Burns has truly created an engaging read. Loved reading his latest book. Overall, I highly recommend Under the Double Integral to readers worldwide. 

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