2017 Goals

So, it’s the new year, and I really want to go down this path. What are your 2017 goals? I instantly knew what I wanted to write down for this. Here, it goes…

2017 Goals

  • Review 1,000 books or more. (Possible)
  • Interview 1,000 writers. (Possible)
  • Write a novel. (Maybe)

If we don’t achieve our goals, does that make us a failure? Definitely not. I once watched a TED speaker on what is sucesss. The speaker said it’s part grit and part determination. Meaning, we keep at it, no matter what pitfalls may come. Even if we finally find it wasn’t what we wanted or what didn’t fit us, we keep moving forward. Searching, for what is right. That is success. We don’t give up…but keep trying. We keep working, until we figure it out…

Take writing as an example. The first draft for some can be perfect. For the rest of us, it takes many revisions, until we get it just where we want it to be. In the end, whether we were perfect on the first try or not, we still ended up with a produc. One that we were proud to show. 

I can write many story ideas. But finding the power to continue use the story ideas proves most difficult. Especially for me. I haven’t gone back to writing in a long time. I want to take time this summer and write. I’ll be off from school then. Until that time, I write reviews. I love reading. Who doesn’t? Even those who say they hate it read something…

Dream big & believe in your ability. 

Never know until you try…

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