Review: Analyze People (How to Analyze People Proven Techniques to Analyzing, Body Language, Human Behavior, Reading Peole and Human Psychology 


This book, How To Analyze People: Proven Techniques To Analyzing People, Body Language, Human Behavior, Reading People And Human Psychology, is a good guide for anyone wishing to learn about human behavior in all is diverse glory.

This book not only breaks down what experts have said over the years about the various personality types and their associated traits, but also presents the facts relating to human behavior in very simple language. You will find it interesting to learn how many misconceptions you often have about people you know, including co-workers, family members and those in your social circle. Best of all, after going through the tips provided in this book, you will find it very easy to relate to people of different personalities in ways that help you have more fruitful and harmonious relationships.

Rating: 4-stars


How to Analyze People by both Nathan Newman and Sarah Faulkner is a fascinating read. Although, I would really recommend it for those who have taken either or both classes in Psychology and Sociology. Because, these classes would make the topic presented easier to relate to as well as to understand. Both writers, have taken a deep dive into the hearts of both core subjects. I found that interesting. Everything in life is connected. Major themes inside were about the human personality, personality diversity, and personality analysis. These are the factor to help readers analyze things such as human behavior, humanity, and human nature. From there we can explore and understand peoples body language. This is crucial in helping us learn the different types of human interactions. By learning all of this, we can easily sense, judge, feel, think and perceive things from others. These skills would especially help for those of us who work in environments that has a lot of human interaction. Communication is key to success. If we can analyze people correctly our ways of communication would come out better thus, improving our personal growth. Overall, I really liked this nonfiction book. It was a great guide, and I recommend it to others.

How to Analyze People is narrated by Annelies Rennie. She was the perfect narrator for this kind of audio book. It felt more enriching when listening to her voice. Clear, well-spoken, and engaging. It made the book topic stick out in a good way. Annelise Rennie’s tone of voice is one, that I would recommend for educational and other nonfiction reads. She just has that voice that suits the topics well. Educational and interesting. 

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