Announcing the Winner of the 2016 Best Fiction Award…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now, announcing the winner and runner ups for the 2016 Best Fiction Awards…

First runner up…is Fifi Flowers –  Falling in Paris.
Second runner up….is Martha Sweeney – Killmore.
Third runner up…is Joe Cosentino – Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back

And the winner…of the 2016 Best Fiction is…Nikki Strycharz! Her novel, The Divorce, was voted the Best Fiction Award. 
Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊🍾, Nikki Strycharz! You will be receiving your digital seal soon. 

Thank you, to all the authors who entered this year’s award. I also, want to thank the voters. 

We will host this award again next year, in December 2017.

The winning book…


Jenzy: I love my husband, but he doesn’t see me anymore. We were college sweethearts and for seven years I’ve been his wife. Five of those years were bliss; the last two have been a long fall from grace. 
He’s the love of my life, the sexy and smart man I saw my future with, but now I don’t think he sees it too. I’m tired of not being seen, I’m tired of not being heard, and I’m tired of being in love alone.

I was his optimistic hippie girl that he couldn’t get enough of. Now I’m just his annoyance. 
So I told him, I finally found the backbone and this is our story….

Chris: My wife just told me she wants a divorce. What the hell do I say to that? I thought we were fine-, well fine is a bad word, I thought we were okay. Doesn’t matter what I think because she’s moving out and I can’t really let this happen. 
Yeah, she annoys me, we’re total opposites, but I knew that when I met her, she hasn’t changed…maybe I have? I was her anchor, her safety, her home. Now I’m that guy that’s wrecked her and there are plenty of men willing to repair the damage I did. 
So I have a plan. Find out what happened to change my affection for her within the last two years, and win her back before someone else does, because I still love her, and she still loves me….I guess….

Amazon link: The Divorce 

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