Frustrations from a Bookworm…

    I stopped at the Humane Society to donate a box πŸ“¦ of brand new πŸ“š books. Then, I went to see what books they had to buy. Their book prices have for the 3rd time have gone up higher than before. Crazy. Most of the books there are secondhand and not in pristine condition. I remember getting them, for 50 cents. Now, it’s $1.50 per paperback and $2 for hardbacks. Salvation Army is worse. Their books are worn with lots of wear and yet they’re charging $3 per paperback and $3 & up for hardbacks. What happened to the thrift store prices?

Pretty soon, these thrift stores will be charging half of what each book normally costs and the conditions of the books aren’t brand new. Anyone else feeling like this is insane or is it just me?

Plus, for what Salvation Army is charging for the donated books to their store…I would rather purchase the books online from Amazon. Because, for those prices, I can get brand new or barely used copies. 

*Every month, I donate a box of brand new looking books to help raise funds for the Humane Society.*

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