Review: The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises


Curl up in The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises with a latte and a scone, the perfect antidote to a grey day!

Mel’s dream of opening a coffee shop is finally a reality! A cosy little place turning out the best flat whites and most delicious pastries in Devon. In the picture-perfect town of Rabbit’s Leap no one can stand in her way – especially local pub owner, Tony. She doesn’t care how gorgeous he is, she will not let him steal her customers with his fancy new coffee machine!

There is only room in their small town for one coffee shop…but when Hurricane Val – aka her mother – is due to blow into town, Mel is in desperate need of an instant boyfriend. She can’t face another hunt to ‘find a man’ and while Tony may be her business rival, Mel can’t help but notice he’d make the perfect fake fiancé…

If they can strike a deal all they need to do is stick to it, no falling in love, no real feelings and definitely no dreams of a happy-ever-after!

Rating: 5-stars


The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises by Kellie Hailes is brilliant. Her story captures my heart and soul. The characters are opposites in ways but same in other aspects. Both work hard, have their own business, and have family issues. Sweet, seductive, and hilarious. Kellie Hailes has a knack for dragging readers further into the book. The plot was interesting. It kept me intrigued. Two young people with businesses close to one another go head-to-head in competition. Then, an unexpected fate happens causing them to make a deal. This deal will either break or make them. It has life changing consequences for both parties involved. Every day, people are constantly being battered with a particular label, which may not describe who they really are. Take the man owning the pub. Deemed as a player. Yet the little coffee shop owner finds that isn’t the case and more to the man than most could guess. Romance builds and so does the intensity of the fake engagement. Could it possible lead to more than what they thought…? The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises is indeed just that. Promises are made and deals sought. Fighting to win and learning that there’s more to win, after being around a particular person…fate can be tricky. Or not. Kellie Hailes has masterfully woven the best romantic tale ever. I loved it. Couldn’t stop reading it. I finished it within an hour. Overall, I highly recommend it to all.

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