Review: Bess 


Bess Parker is only 21 years old when she sets out by herself in 1908, leaving the safety of her childhood home for southwestern North Dakota to establish a homestead. And it takes all the strength she can muster to succeed—facing the perils of the vast prairie, making her homestead productive, conquering the dangers of the frontier, flirting with romance, struggling with the emotional needs of her heart and body, and meeting the challenges of life on the prairie. But this unique young woman has a steely determination, and her story is the epitome of courage and grit in a difficult and sometimes cruel time in the history of the west.

Rating: 5-stars


Bess by Charles Cranston Jett is an enriching tale about a pioneer woman’s journey of courage, grit and love. Bess Parker has to be one of the bravest female characters I know. She goes out to a middle of nowhere to make her own home and life. Traveling alone is a dangerous for a man and even more so for a woman. She had spunk and real courage. Adventure of a lifetime is definitely eating on these pages. I enjoyed following Bess as she fell in love, married, gave birth to kids and started her own homestead. She isn’t weak. Her  personality is strong, fun, and charming. Full of life. Hardships came and went. A failed marriage and the loss of a child. The future is ahead of her. Charles Cranston Jett has created a wonderful masterpiece. Capturing the lifestyle and time period of pioneers with every detail. Bess breaks the mold for most women especially during this time period. I found it amausing and highly engaging. Overall, I recommend Bess to readers everywhere. 

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