Review: Ghost and Shadows


The oath Detective Cooter “Cadillac” Holland swore to defend his home against foreign and domestic enemies is put to the test when evil men from both sides of the border start a war on the eve of Mardi Gras, an election, and the first Super Bowl in Saints’ history. A shadowy operation has resurrected the blueprints for the classified operation that nearly got Detective Holland killed in Iraq, and now threatens his life again. When Detective Holland’s friends and family are also put at risk, he is forced to call upon the skills and mind-set learned as a Special Forces and Intelligence operative to keep the peace between local heroin dealers and a violent Mexican drug cartel, outsmart a defense contractor, and take on a loose-cannon Federal official out to cover the tracks of a deal gone bad to avert a bloodbath when New Orleans can least afford it.

Rating: 5-stars


Ghosts and Shadows by H. Max Hiller is an exciting new read. This is the third novel in the detective series. I was able to easily follow along and understand the story. The plot was fast-paced, thrilling, and well-written. Immediately, the first page sucked me into it. I felt compelled to know more. The main character, Detective Coote, aka Cadillac, proved to be an interesting person. His background and current life hold promises that he can handle anything. 

The plot took me into the heart of Louisiana. There, I found a mystery and several crimes that piqued my curiosity. Fires that have been saved as crime scenes were soon taken down…meaning the scenes were destroyed completely. Lost evidence and no investigation could take place. A fire bug who has the power to commit deadly crimes and get away with them, is the most creepy feeling of all. But it’s just a theory or sothecharcaters think…Ghosts and Shadows is the perfect title to this suspenful yet intriguing book. I loved it. H. Max Hiller caught my attention and held it through every page. I can’t wait to read more of his work. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to all. 

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