Review: How to Stay Fit 


A “Fitness At Home” guide that provides home workout plans to exercise and information about healthy eating for weight loss. No gym? No weights? No machines? No problem!!! Fitness at home is an excellent option for those who don’t have access to gym or don’t have a lot of time to go to gym to exercise. This book provides home workout plans (using bodyweight) for those who want a structured workout plan at home. If you are a beginner, start with the phase 1 part of the home fitness program. The primary purpose of this book is to provide a home fitness workout plan for those who want to exercise at home and eat healthy to lose weight. The books focuses on providing details about the following: What is home fitness program and how will you benefit from it? How to measure your current fitness metrics and monitor your progress in your home fitness journey? How to exercise at home to stay fit and manage a home workout plan? How to keep yourself motivated towards regular exercise? How to focus on what you eat and lose weight? How to lose weight by burning body fat? How to include nutritious healthy foods in your diet? How to stay healthy? 

The first part of the book covers the importance of exercising, measuring initial health metrics, home workout plans and how to motivate yourself to the regular habit of exercising. The home fitness program provides workout plans for men and women, upper body workouts, lower body workouts and core workouts. The second part of this book provides six strategies to eat healthy and diet plans for weight loss. The third part of the book covers the workout steps for warmup exercises, cardio exercises, core exercises, upper body exercises, lower body strength workouts and stretching exercises. In this book, you will find a lot of information about exercising, healthy eating and how to lose weight. If you are wondering how to reduce waistline, how to reduce belly fat, how to reduce body fat and how to lose weight etc., please read this book to understand how regular exercising and healthy eating help to reach your weight loss goals. 

Please visit us at for the resources mentioned in this home fitness book. We hope this home fitness book helps you to stay fit. How To Stay Fit – A Fitness At Home Guide: Effective Strategies To Exercise, Eat Healthy And How To Lose Weight – A fitness at Home workout program for your exercise and weight loss goals.

Rating: 5-stars


This book should have been my health college textbook. It has everything I need to stay fit. Eating healthy and exercising are the two ways one can lose weight. If only using one of the two, the dieting won’t work. Fitness is a goal everyone should have. Both writers, Jessica K. David and Antony Jegadish, created a perfect guide book. These pages are well-organized and well-researched. Need motivation? That too is covered in this How to Stay Fit title. Eating plans as well as fitness programs are found inside…I was truly amazed at how much content was provided. I definitely needed this read. Easy to follow and understand. For those serious about their health, I highly recommend How to Stay Fit.

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