Important News for Authors on Twitter

In celebration of The Knight Agency reaching the momentous landmark of our 20th Anniversary last year, we are holding another Twitter pitchfest!
#TKA20 will be an all-day event, offering you an opportunity to tweet your pitches directly to the TKA agent team! We’ll be taking pitches from 9:00 AM EDT until 5:00 PM EDT Wednesday, April 5. The rules are listed below. We can’t wait to see you there!
Guidelines and Rules for #TKA20
1: #TKA20 pitch fest will be held from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
2: Please direct your tweet to our hashtag of #TKA20 at large, rather than to specific agents. Agents will “like” pitches of material they want to receive.
3: Once an agent or agents like your pitch, please send the first three chapters by attachment in Word to any time after 5:00 PM EDT. In the subject line of your email, please include the phrase “#TKA20” along with the names of the agent or agents who liked your pitch—for example, #TKA20—Deidre Knight, Elaine Spencer. (If more than one agent liked your pitch, include both names).
4: Please include the original #TKA20 pitch and your query in the body of the email, and again, please attach the first three chapters of your manuscript in Word.
5: Which agents will be participating? Here’s the exciting lineup: Deidre Knight, Pamela Harty, Elaine Spencer, Melissa Jeglinski, Travis Pennington, Nephele Tempest, Kristy Hunter, and Janna Bonikowski.
6: Genres we are most excited to see include: women’s fiction, historical fiction, YA, MG, romance of all subgenres, LGBT fiction and m/m romance, thrillers, mysteries, suspense, nonfiction, and fantasy. For a more detailed list of what we’re looking for, please check the agency’s About Us page.
7: Agents may share their particular wishlist items in advance of April 5, but all #TKA20 pitches should be directed generally and on the day of the event.
8: If you send out a pitch and no agent likes it, you may retweet it periodically—although we suggest wording it somewhat differently if your first pitch did not catch our attention. However, please do not tweet your pitch more than five times throughout the course of the event.
9: Although genre hashtags are not necessary, you may use them if you’d like. Here are some choices:
#RS=Romantic Suspense

#WF=Women’s Fiction

#HF=Historical Fiction

#YA=Young Adult

#MG=Middle Grade



#CM=Cozy Mystery

#LGBT=LGBT Fiction or Nonfiction

#MM=Male/Male Romance

#CR=Contemporary Romance

#PNR=Paranormal Romance

#INSP=Inspirational Fiction or Nonfiction



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