Review: New York, Actually




Meet Molly

New York’s most famous agony aunt, she considers herself an expert at relationships…as long as they’re other people’s. The only love of her life is her Dalmatian, Valentine.

Meet Daniel

A cynical divorce lawyer, he’s hardwired to think relationships are a bad idea. If you don’t get involved, no-one can get hurt. But then he finds himself borrowing a dog to meet the gorgeous woman he sees running in Central Park every morning…
Molly and Daniel think they know everything there is to know about relationships…until they meet each other that is…

Rating: 4.5-stars


Sarah Morgan has once more created a magical romance read. I was hooked. Her plot intrigued me. A woman who was successful keeps getting herself into entangled romances that she has no interest of being a part of…yet it doesn’t stop the men from proposing. My heart went out this character. She was truthful when she tells the men she’s not looking for a forever happily ever after. But they end up falling in love with her despite protesting that they wouldn’t. The unexpected twist of a woman being the heart breaker was new to me.

New York, Actually is the latest tile written by this bestselling writer. Her characters pull readers like myself deep into her fictional world. Trouble, some drama, and an HEA. I love being kept on my toes. Constantly, I was guessing if they characters could indeed make it work out for them. Their chemistry was hot and visible.

Sarah Morgan’s lead female protagonist, Molly, is interesting. She defy she the norm of most female leads. She pushes men out of her life. Not because she doesn’t feel the attraction or sexual awareness caused by them, but because she can’t love. Love just isn’t happening for her. Molly has tried to love the men in her life back, but felt nothing. Disastrous relationship one after the other plus, the career crumbling due to her past love life has caused her to shut men out…however, she finds a way to pull her life out of the gutter. Moves to New York, builds herself a new career, takes in a dog and she’s happy again. Until a sexy man running in the same park plans to win her attention, her love, and her heart.

Then there’s Sarah Morgan’s male protagonist, Daniel. Daniel oozes sex. He has the money, career, and the looks to make any woman melt. That’s one issue. Women come to him, not him having to chase a woman. Yet, once he sees Molly running in the same park, he tries to steal her attention. Nothing works. Plan B, Daniel thinks of a creative route to win her attention. From there, the plot speeds up and takes readers on a roller-coaster ride.

Emotionally, stunning. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered for both Daniel and Molly. Plus, if readers are an animal lover, then I highly recommend Sarah Morgan’s New York, Actually. Sexy, heartfelt, and engaging from beginning to end. This is one romance readers won’t want to miss.

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