Review: The Little Bed and Breakfast by the Sea


A cosy and charming romance set in an English seaside town, perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley and Caroline Roberts.
Escape to the seaside this summer!

Mae loves running her little Bed & Breakfast, it’s the perfect place to raise her adorable four-year-old daughter! And no matter how persistently local vet, Alfie, chases her, she just doesn’t have time for men in her life.

Willow is busy building her dream home with her husband, Ethan, but with every month that passes she secretly worries that her happy every after will never come true…

Melody only intended to stay in the bustling seaside town for a few days to capture the perfect photo. But when she meets Hugo – the charming man in the ice cream van – she decides to stay a little longer!

One thing is for sure, summer at the little Bed & Breakfast by the sea certainly has a few surprises in store…

Rating: 4.5-stars


The Little Bed and Breakfast by the Sea is a sweet summer tale. Jennifer Joyce is a talented writer. Her charcaters were so believable. They felt real. I kept asking myself…are these characters real people or pieces of fiction created by a mastermind. This ummer is full of action. Love is in the air…readers like myself can feel it and the heat is scorching…however, it maintains a clean yet hilarious vibe. Three women go through life with some tough spots. Each one has a man to deal with. One has her husband, the other two will have to work at it. Love isn’t easy. Life can be messy, but it can also bring happiness as well. The entire novel was entertaining from being to end. A steady-paced plot. Blooming friendships and relationships that will tug at your heart like it did with mine. Overall, I recommend The Little Bed and Breakfast by the Sea to women everywhere. It’s a book that is easy to relate to and understand. Enjoyable romance. 

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