Review: International Uber Manual


How to be a great Uber driver, for beginners..

Professional Uber Drivers needed! There are many Uber drivers that make these major mistakes, hence Uber is always hiring! This manual teaches you etiquette and conduct, consideration and courtesy.

Simple Q & A easy to read book. A must have in check lists that will boost your rating by just knowing how to be thoughtful, and what not to do. Learn what the customers know, that could affect your ratings! Ever wonder why they are hiring so much? Because the drivers they have keep getting low ratings, the people complain and Uber is losing money giving refunds. They fire those divers. The last thing you want is to get a low rating and get virtually fired from a job because you didn’t know the rules.

This manual gives you inside tips on how to be better than the rest!

Rating: 5-stars


The International Uber Manual: How to Make Money Driving Uber Cars by Hope Angel Christian is a nonfiction guide book to help readers become amazing Uber car drivers. This field is always open and looks for quality drivers. Not sure if you have what it takes to get hired then, this is the read for you…the writer clearly demonstrates everything one needs to know who to become a professional Uber driver. By making this cut, you could be making a lot of money. In this current market of ours, money making is difficult…and this self-help guide leads readers to an easy way to make money. 

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