Review: The 5 Hate Languages of Shade


Ever got a dirty look from a “friend”? Learn the hate languages of a jealous or envious person. Find out now- who is for you & who is secretly against you! Learn the obvious signs of a person with low self esteem and jealousy and envy, and AVOID THEM. I was born and raised with haters all around me, dont wait for them to attack you before you disconnect- like I did.

Rating: 5-stars


The 5 Hate Languages of Shade by Hope Angel Christian is another great book! This self-guide book details how to recognize the hate talk from people around you. Most times it’s hard to know which people to avoid. After reading The 5 Hate Languages of Shade, I was better able to distinguish which were avoidable. Some people will never change and it’s those negative people we don’t want in our lives. Their negativity can weigh us down…overall, this nonfiction book was helpful and interesting to read. I recommended it to others. 

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