Review: How to Survive for Tourists


New York City is a huge and busy town. Here, is a practical guide on how to travel the streets and learn the etiquette of the people. Readers can find the facts on the big city life.You will laugh, & you will cry in that metropolis called New York, get the inside scoop no one else will tell you! This is a fun, enlightening and entertaining read.

Rating: 5-stars


How to Survive for Tourists by Hope Christian is an excellent source for all who are traveling to New York City. New York is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the United States. How to survive as a tourist crucial. I’ve been to New York myself. Before going, I was taught how to keep my money safe. Inside this nonfiction book, readers can find out more ways to survive while exploring the beautiful city. Overall, it’s a great read and I recommend it to others. 

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