Review: Uncharted Worlds – Xeno Encounters


Uncharted Worlds—an exciting new speculative fiction series featuring bestselling and award-winning authors.

These ten mind-boggling adventures include tales of ancient aliens, other worlds, and imagined futures.

Join authors Michael A. Stackpole, Matthew Costello, F. Paul Wilson, Thomas F. Monteleone and others as they take you on a thrilling ride from the inner and outer edges of our universe and from the past to the future in: Uncharted Worlds—Xeno Encounters.

Rating: 5-stars


Uncharted Worlds: Xeno Encounters by many writers is quite the science fiction collection. This anthology features enegaging tales. Adventure, action, and thrilling worlds. Well-written. I’m not a huge fan of science fiction but the works found within this anthology were superb. I definitely look forward to reading more works by these writers. Overall, I highly recommend Uncharted Worlds: Xeno Ecounters to readers worldwide. 

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